segunda-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2011

Can I climb up in Your lap?

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This is how life really plays, sometimes.
Things seem to be a little dark, and we don't see an escape, which i would translate as: RESPOSTA/ RESULTADO/ PREOCUPACOES (worries).

What will be the results of my test?
What will be the response of the immigration?
What will be the response of the bank?
What will be the results of my heart exams?
What will they gonna say?
or..the classic fear...
What will God say?

When it rains or snows, we can barely see the road.
That's why "rainy and snowy days" are used to describe pain, fear.
We can barely see beyond. Hold on faith!
"There can't be Spring before Winter, anyway..."
How hard is it to hold on the King's promises of healing, forgiveness, and honoring those who love Him?

The truth is that "by the end of the day" , dear readers, what really matters is that we gotta keep singing. We gotta keep praising His name.
After all, we are living His plans.

Just wait, and play life well played =] " can't compare to the JOY that is coming"

..and if I could, I would climb up on His lap.
"There is still a reason to sing.."
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<3 <3