quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2011

The process...

Hi dear Blog!...its been a while han!?

.. ..

So, I took this Creative Activity class (we just ended the semester), and THE PROCESS had me inspired to write this post.

In this class, we discussed about the importance of focusing on the fun and all the development that can be achievable for a child in the process of things, not the product.

For example: Lets suppose that you create an activity for your children, and all you provide them are scissors, glue, paint, cotton, paper, and a whole wall where you can staple their work at, once its done. Now, you don't know what the outcome will be like, and the children themselves, have no idea of what they are going to do.

The outcome is unknown; the PRODUCT is unimaginable.

Yesterday, on my final exam we were supposed to draw something related to our understanding of CREATIVITY/ focusing on the PROCESS...I began drawing hsuahdqu ...and I switched colors of crayons and others hsuahdqu ... and I was so engaged in doing the hsuahdqu , so i did one more, and one more and I noticed that the hsuahdqu looked like a triangle!... by the end, I made a beautiful flower out of mini triangles! --- I FOCUSED ON THE PROCESS! -- I finally understood it!!!

It is not about how my luggage will "look like" when I finish doing it, but about the FUN of organizing each item, as I dream and expect the feelings that will BE when I open my luggage in Brazil, with my family around me.

It is not about a possible future job, or the results of the visa request, but the adventure of going for it! planning, and discovering what is waiting for me out there.

It is not about being done with the car accident bills (or any other unplanned bill), but about the courage of facing it, not giving up and allowing MIRACLES to happen!

It is not about the diploma I earn (or not) in an international school, but the emotion that is felt in each and every challenge of leaving a home country, discovering a new culture, making new friends, speaking another language, and facing "giants" with no fear of taking risks.

..yeah, they are right..it is all about THE PROCESS.

By Larissa Sales
Dedicated to my professor of Creative Activities,
Mrs. Grace