sábado, 28 de maio de 2011

How to find happiness?

The other day I watched 4 caterpillars turning into butterflies...it was like poetry!

So, as i watched them grow I was surprised of how much we can be compared to them!!! o.O
When a caterpillar is in her cocoon, the LIGHT of the sun is what wakes them up, makes them start trying to get off the cocoon and be born again. But I noticed it is a painful process...the caterpillars are "too big" for that little, thin, cocoon and as they tried to get off it, I watched their little "legs" in such a fast and tiring process of "pushing themselves" out of there.

Not that we are to figure if we are caterpillars, or butterflies, but we all sure got cocoons to get out off. And this is all about it. Getting out of what is stopping you from growing, seeing life as something BEYOND WHAT YOU CAN SEE. There is always a cocoon, and yes, it will always be painful to get off it and leave it behind.

..so after the butterfly left the cocoon, she slowly "tried out" her wings, not flying yet, but flipping them as she walked. Then I noticed something red coming out of them!! o.O some weird liquid, and as soon as they "lost this liquid", they seemed thinner! lighter to fly now! 3 of them, only began flying after they lost the liquid.

yeah, I really think that many times we need to let something come out of us somehow, otherwise..we might not be able to move forward...
And after you are ready to fly, you sure will!! (and don't deny any help!)

Every choice has a consequence. 3 of the butterflies, came out of their cocoon, the fourth tried hard...and even though another one literally tried to help her (I almost cried when I saw that happening), she still died, never came out of the cocoon. One of the three died, two, ended up well...they found happiness as they fast flew away from the "cage". o.O

I could go a lot deeper, but I rather let each reader with their own cocoon... their own light.

I ask you then..about your light, if you don't mind!? if you got one... share your light in the comments, so you allow others to share and learn..about some "LIGHT" ;)

segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2011

Music of My Heart

I'm not ashamed to tell the whole world, oh
Without you, I'm nothing at all
That I have strings in need of mending
I'm out of tune in certain parts
So strum the chords of mercy
Restore my soul completely
Lay your hand upon me
And this instrument will breathe

'Cause you're the music of my heart
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
The melody within my soul
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
The song that holds me in the dark
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
The fire that warms me when I'm cold
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
The symphony that calms my fear
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
The lyric that I long to hear
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
The masterpiece, the work of art
Complete before I start
The music of my heart

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Creator of all that is lovely, oh
Write a tune upon my heart
And when you finish will you play me
Like a beautiful guitar?
Strum the chords of mercy
Restore my soul completely
Breathe life into me
And this instrument will sing

[Repeat Chorus]

Of my heart
I'm captivated
Of my heart
My soul's elated
Of my heart
Every single line's full of love divine
Write me like a valentine

[Repeat Chorus]

Yeah, the music of my heart
Of my heart
The music of my heart
Of my heart
The music of my heart

segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

What can be made out of us?

As Augusto Cury mentions in his book "O Vendedor de Sonhos" (The Dream Seller):
"all the pain, all the frustrations, are privilege of LIFE" (life also brings happiness!!)

Last week I was notified that a great pastor of mine, was taken to the hospital because three of the main veins of his heart, were clogged. His surgery, is tomorrow. God is blessing :)

Last week, I read on my friends' blog, about the children she has been working with in the favelas of Belo Horizonte (Brazil). There are 6 children, and their mother is in jail for the third time...so 5 children are watched by the older sister...12yo.

On the past few weeks I found out that a great friend of mine, had one breast removed because of cancer.

I was just notified that a parent killed himself. Now, his wife, is a mother on her own, and the children, don't have a father's figure to instruct them as they grow.

Last week, a beautiful baby was born!!! :D named Daniel: "God is my judge"

I don't believe in fate, or destiny...I don't believe "it is just how life goes". I don't believe all things have an understandable answer to us.
I do believe in God. I do believe in grace, mercy, and healing.
I believe in FAITH.
I believe in SALVATION.

May God bless you, and your family. May God make beautiful things out of your life!
May you praise God for your life, as you pray for your friends and family's life.